Education is a fundamental human right. Every child deserves adequate quality education. Education is the bedrock for any developing society and it is a strong indicator of a society’s development. But education that is devoid of quality is as good as zero, hence overall quality in education must be the target for any society that is willing to move in the direction of growth. Education is one item that caters to many others. Education opens doors and paves the way for a productive future. If every child is afforded quality education, a ripple effect becomes the case and generations become affected in appositive light. Education has the potency to curb poverty and its many evils. Education not only creates awareness and enlightenment. It goes further to transmitting the confidence that is necessary to opening doors and thriving in an information-driven globe. Education provides the basis for sustainable development.

Quality In Education

Originally, the problem with education and children was that many children were excluded from school. These children were denied access and were left to wallow in illiteracy. Recent studies now point that with the trends in most Nigerian communities, there is no noticeable difference between some children who had access to schools and there unfortunate educationally-deprived counterparts. This has thrown in the question: Is every education, education? Of course not. Education which does not afford the learner the basic skills they need to lead productive lives is no education at all. That is, access to education that is of low quality is no educational at all. Some very serious challenges dot the landscape of the Nigerian education. A lack of inadequate teaching materials, a lack of competent teachers, and appropriate curricular, discrimination, harassment and violence all collectively impede the quality of education a given child can access. There is little or no point in providing opportunity for a child to enroll in school if the quality of the education is so poor that the child will not become literate or innumerate. In actuality, such an act can be delusional, and this is a very dangerous practice in that it can create high-levels of self deceptions, give a sense of false confidence and a plethora of subsequent societal vice.