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We do believe that every one has the potential to grow and improve in their own lives and the lives of others in the society

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Initiative for educational remediation innovation and child support prides herself on top notched values as integrity, brain, excellence and creativity

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Meet our team of highly experienced and passionate individuals who are zealous about giving back to the society

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Our mission is to Create A Nigeria where education is holistic and mixes achoo-based sense and uncommon sense


We aim at availing quality education to the Nigerian populace, as well as catering to the basic needs of the Nigerian child.

Initiative for educational remediation innovation and child support , is a youth impact based organization based in Porthacourt, Nigeria, which started on the 25th January, 2013, with the mandate to Improve the quality and standard of education.

ERICS believes in an approach such that integration meets innovation. We like to utilize novel ideas to tackle myriad challenges affecting education and children. Empowering one individual means empowering another, so much that there emerges a chain-effects. 

We admire community-driven approach to development; hence we look out for innovative solutions that carry the entire community and stakeholders along while being sustainable in themselves.


1. Education: Education is a fundamental human right. Every child deserves adequate quality education. Education is the bedrock for any developing society and it is a strong indicator of a society’s development. But education that is devoid of quality is as good as zero, hence overall quality in education must be the target for any society that is willing to move in the direction of growth.

2. Child Health: ERICS believes that a healthy child is a healthy future. We take direct aid to the vulnerable disadvantaged kids in underserved communities. We strive to avail health care together with its social determinants to homeless and very low-income children. Because of a very disordered terrain with weak community data, we work directly with local schools to reach the children with the greatest needs.

3. Nutrition: An unnourished brain cannot think. Good nutrition fuels both body and mind. That is to say that a child that has not had a balanced diet will be unable to function in the classroom and participate actively. Even if the child attempts to be attentive, it is only natural that the brain synthesizes information according to its strength. ERICS carries out nutritional outreaches to local schools, particularly in underserved areas.

4. Sanitation: We hold activities that enforce the basics of sanitation and hygiene in kids. We teach kids the importance of proper hygiene and sanitation, and use different media to drive the message. We give sanitary items and spur kids on apt ways to leverage their knowledge on hygiene and sanitation.

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ERICS comprises of self-motivated people of all ages and from various works of life who voluntarily give out their time and their resources

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Address: Plot 120/121 Apo Mechanic Village. FCT, Abuja

Phone: +234 703 690 7880


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