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1. The Organization structure is fluid with flexible job roles

2. Recruitment is ad hoc, based on immediate skills requirements

3. Owner’s vision and values drives practice

4. People Management roles are allocated in response to challenges that emerge

5. People management issues are dealt with at the management level

6. Training is formal and in response to urgent and important skill needs

7. Team structures are in place, with people having defined job roles to avoid duplication of effort

8. The organization’s visions and values are formally expressed

9. A more strategic approach to reward is adopted, aligned to the organization’s goals, such as performance related pay or profit sharing

 10. Management development is a priority and eventually it shifts to leadership development

11. Employee engagement is an area of attention, with an engagement survey being introduced and attention focusing on the drivers of engagement and understanding the reasons behind the scores

12. Formal processes ensure two-way vertical communication between employees and managers

13. Internal collaboration is a priority area, breaking down functional divides to facilitate knowledge sharing.

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