1) Grant of Offer

  1. a) SOHCF reserves the right to approve grants to applicants who have fully complied with the terms and conditions.
  2. b) A Grant Offer Letter will be sent to applicants who have been selected by the Board of Directors.

2) Amount of Grant

The foundation reserves the right to choose the grant amount based on accessment of application.

3) Payment Arrangement.

Payment of Grant will be made within three (3) weeks from the date of Grant Offer Letter was issued.

4) Use of Grant.

  1. a) The copy of the grant offer letter must be returned to SOHCF immediately, being signed by the applicant or an authorized officer of your organization. By siericsng it you confirm that to the best of your knowledge the information given in your Grant application is accurate.
  2. b) The grant may be used only for the purposes outlined in your grant application as approved by SOHCF. If you are unable to use the grant for the specific purpose for which it was intended, you will be required to repay the grant in full.
  3. c) You agree and accept that you will not apply for duplicate funding in respect of any part of the
  4. d) If any siericsficant changes need to be made to the project scope or scale, before or during implementation, this must be put to our notice within 7 days and a written approval obtained for any variations. Where changes are made without our agreement, we shall demand any funds that have not been used for the intended purpose.
  5. e) The project must commence within 3 months of the date of the Grant of Offer Letter unless otherwise agreed by us in writing. Contact must be made to us immediately if the project is delayed for any reason.
  6. f) When offered a grant, it will only be paid when specific conditions have been met. The foundation reserves the right to withhold payment of any grant if conditions have not been met satisfactorily.

5) Reporting.

Report of Progress must be provided. SOHCF will provide a REPORT FORM for this purpose which will be issued  together with the Grant Offer. Progress reports are required at an interval of  six months from the date of Grant of Offer Letter.

6) Communications/Transparency.

An acknowledgement of the source of the grant must appear in your report and in publicity or literature concerning the project the Foundation have funded, unless agreed otherwise.

7) Intellectual Property and Confidentiality

There shall not be made any transfer or assign of any part of the grant or any rights relating to it to another organization or individual, unless there has been an agreement to such effect being authorized by the Foundation in writing permitting such to work with another organization in delivering the project.

8) Suspension or Termination of Grant/Repayment of Grant.

  1. a) Where applicants does not meet the requirements set out in this document, the Foundation reserves the right to require repayment of the grant at any time.
  2. b) The Foundation reserves the right to suspend payment of all or part of the grant where it wishes to investigate any matters concerning the grant and accepts no liability for any consequences, whether direct or indirect, of a suspension, even if the investigation finds no cause for concern.

9) General

  1. a) You confirm that the information provided is true and accurate.
  2. b) SOHCF accepts no liability for consequences, whether direct or indirect, that may arise from the running of the project, the use of the grant or from suspension or termination. Where a person chooses to pay any part of the grant to a third-party, they have sole control over their selection and are responsible for ensuring that they use the grant in compliance with these terms and conditions.

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